The Leadership of Amaza has many years of collective experience and skills in varying roles both in the private and public sectors. The core values of the business are aimed at providing our team with an environment where they are valued, respected and have clarity of purpose. We endeavour to develop core skills and ensure abundant capacity, growth and competency.

An accomplished and results-driven management professional with over sixteen years of experience and rapid career growth to positions of senior and executive leadership in the private sector. In a current position as CEO of Amaza Telematics and Fleet Management, Zolani May demonstrates proficiency in achieving company strategic objectives and in overall management capability. Key to success is superior analytical skill combined with project and process management proficiency. Additionally, Zolani offers a track record of networking and relationship building, having developed and established a large network of contacts within government and private sectors.

Previously held positions, as well as a portfolio of successfully completed projects across diverse industries, stand testimony to further capabilities in data processing, computer services, network communications, and the management of information services to accomplish corporate goals and objectives. As IT Executive at Makhubu Logistics, Zolani directed and managed the computing and information technology strategic plans, policies, programmes, and schedules for business and finance. In the position as MM Senior Consultant at IBM, he advised, guided and supported the Project Team on the Software use, implementation and maintenance. 

Zolani offers significant qualifications in his field and has pursued career expertise and skills’ development through application to various courses. As a dynamic and eective leader, Zolani has a high capacity for personnel management at the various levels of operations. He presents extraordinary proficiency to lead in a strategic and intelligent manner, with integrity and professionalism.

   Khutso Mathekgana - Executive Chairperson

The entrepreneurial spirit among sta and management at Amaza Telematics and Fleet Management (AMAZA TFM) has propelled us to new heights, positioning the company not only as a trailblazer in black business (being the rst of its kind in South Africa), but also as a source of key innovations in its sector. read more>>>



    Zolani May - Chief Executive officer

AMAZA TFM is a representation of a movement of black professional businesses that are reshaping South African socio-economic environment. We do this by providing world class services and training. Our staff is an asset and a strength, we are proud of the growth the company has seen since its inception.read more>>>