• Driver identification and management
  • Vehicle identification
  • Response time should we have a breakdown
  • Reporting/reports
  • Mapping/GPS and mileage
  • Vehicle health
  • Service schedule and due dates
  • Accidents and Insurance data
  • Green band driving
  • Stolen and recovered
  • Fuel management and Transaction report (time, date and location)
  • Fuel date
  • Tyre management
  • Unauthorized usage
  • Routing and scheduling
  • Boundary management


  • Google Map Tracking
  • Google Earth Tracking


  • Route tracking
  • Incident management


  • Route drawing
  • Route management
  • Zone management
  • Zone violation management
  • The Parolee Tracker is designed to assist correctional services to track and manage the movement of parolees and  probationers.
  • This enables administrations worldwide to create safer communities and lowering the costs to operate prisons.
  • The Parolee Tracker is equipped with the latest uBlox GPS chip. AGPS technology enables authorities to get accurate location information even in congested areas.
  • Our product supports up to 50 on-board zones to manage no go zones, with home tag to ensure detention curfews in real-time.
  • Zone violations and alerts will be seamlessly send in real-time to the back end server and designated enforcement officers via TCP, UDP and SMS.
  • The Parolee Tracker is equipped with quad band GSM modem with approval from major GSM operators worldwide.
  • Assets are tagged with either a T-Patch Tiny or T-Patch Mini. These are all wireless RF tags.
  • The patch talks to a Mobile Gateway. This is a “base station” for the RF communication.
  • The Mobile Gateway communicates with our hardware back-end. The hardware provides connection to the server, and GPS.

The tags can have their transmit power set to limit their range. When they move out of range, the gateway reports it to the hardware, which reports it to the frontend platform and raises and alert. They can all do at least 2 years with 60 sec updates (dependent on KPI). This means they send a message every 60 seconds. The batteries of the tags can be replaced.


Key Features:

  • Low cost active ID tag
  • Unique serial number
  • Long battery life (up to 4 years)
  • 1km+ line of sight range
  • Waterproof
  • Configurable over the air (OTA)


  • Bin tracking
  • Cargo monitoring
  • Inventory control
  • Tool and asset hire
  • Trailer attach and detach monitoring